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Solutions Capture™

Solutions Capture™ allows processors of any experience to easily record the brand of any article of clothing they are processing.

Processors simply point their device at a clothing tag and press a button. The application processes the image and stores the brand information with the production record.

Training takes between 15-20 minutes. Processing takes roughly 3 seconds per article of clothing, equivalent to about $0.80 cost per rack of 100 items. The additional cost results in being able to report on Sales by Brand, Sell Through by Brand, Average Sale by Brand, and so on.

When used in conjunction with Solution ITW’s DGR AI Platform™, Goodwills can receive pricing recommendations and sell-through forecasts by brand as well. It is simple enough to sell an article of clothing. But why did it sell? Most Goodwills can track sales by SKU, department, size, quality and price point which tells a good bit of the story. Without brand information it is difficult to know for sure why an item sold and to identify with precision what the market will buy in the future.

Solutions Capture™ is easy to use, easy to train, and gathers valuable data that was previously unavailable.

Goodwills need a way to easily capture and track sales by brand.

Solutions Capture™ provides Goodwills a user-friendly tool for gathering valuable data that was previously unavailable. What could you do with brand data? For more information, please contact us at or schedule a demo today.

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