Solutions DGR
Data Reporting & Analytics

Data reporting and analytics form the keystone of any successful organization.

But Donated Goods Retailers face an enormous challenge attempting to compile usable data. Solutions DGR not only makes capturing and storing data easy, but also provides you with the ability to surface, analyze, and report on that data.

employee viewing DGR data analytics

The Solutions Dashboard

This technology closes the loop between the boots-on-the-ground team and the organizational leaders. With customizable, dynamic reporting from any data source, however, the Solutions Dashboard allows you to see information from multiple sources and departments.

Capture Data from the Back Door to the Register

Typically, a Goodwill has no problem tracking processor performance from the back door to the floor, but with Solutions DGR you get the ability to continue tracking that performance all the way to the register. With the Solutions Dashboard, processor performance is based on actual revenue generated, not just back door to floor productivity. Having these real-time reporting tools at your fingertips allows to you incentivize your processors based on metrics that more greatly affect your bottom line. Data collected also helps you as you optimize your pricing and production processes to increase overall revenue and employee effectiveness.

Designed for Goodwill, Right Out of the Box

The level of data collection and reporting that Solutions DGR provides is something that you won’t find in any off-the-shelf product, but Solutions DGR is custom-designed for Goodwill, and you get the reporting functionality you need right out of the box..

Print and review reports from daily sales from retail, monthly donations from marketing, budget analysis from accounting, and annual reports from operation. Whatever you need to know, you have the ability to create and maintain your own custom reports all from the same dashboard.

No APIs Needed. No Interference. Your Data is Yours.

With Solutions DGR, you maintain full ownership and access to all collected data. We’ll never hold your data hostage behind an API, and you can count on us for as much support as you require.

Solutions DGR has changed the way we do business. If you use the data as intended, there is no doubt you will be able to grow sales and increase your net.

+ Vice President of Retail,  Florida

Data Security & PCI Compliance

Our partners depend on us to not only provide a system that works, but also to do this in a safe and secure environment. Solutions DGR never puts customer data at risk because our system is designed to work independently of any system or network that would be subject to PCI Compliance.

In fact, every part of Solutions DGR has been independently verified to meet all PCI DSS requirements for data handling. So you can operate with full assurance that your data is in good hands.

Platform and Reports


  • Business Intelligence
  • Platform Power BI
  • Web-Based
  • Mobile-Based
  • 24×7 Reporting Access
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Tabular Reporting
  • Customizable Reports
  • Create Your own Reports


  • Production by Category
  • Production by Employee
  • Sales Current Day
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales YTD
  • Sales MTD
  • Sales by Day
  • Sales by Hour
  • Sales Detail Transactions
  • Taxable Sales
  • Tax Exempt Discounts by Type
  • EOD Deposit & Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation by Employee
  • Production Sell Through
    • By Employee
    • By Category
    • By SKU
  • Price Performance
    • By SKU
    • By Brand
  • Over Short
  • Average Transaction Tracking
  • Cashier Report
  • Inventory On Hand
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Inventory Movement
  • Line Item Delete
  • Serial Active Balance
  • Serial Active Payments
  • And much more…

Ready to get started?

Every Goodwill organization is different. Solutions DGR is designed to serve and meet the specific needs of your organization.

Our mission is to assist you in accomplishing your mission to the fullest.