Solutions DGR
Donation Data Management

The Solutions DGR Donation Data Management system is the first step in changing the way we interact with donors.

It’s true that Goodwill’s revenue is dependent on all of its donors, but the reality is that some donors represent higher revenues than other donors. With Solutions DGR we can give you the tools you need to balance your focus in favor of high-dollar donors.

On the surface it may seem that the Solutions DGR Donation Data Management system is only meant to increase productivity at the back door. While that is one of the intended purposes of the donation system, ultimately we want to take the same powerful data collection and analytics tools included with Solutions DGR Production & Point of Sale and extend them beyond the doors of your stores and into your donor base.

Using the Donation Data Management system, donors may completely manage their own donation drop-offs and walk away with a printed receipt. The system records the donor’s contact information and allows donors to track their own donation histories via the web or mobile app.

person typing on a computer

Collected donor data may be used to track the value of your individual donors over time, giving you valuable insight into your donor base and tools to maximize the revenue these donors generate for your stores.

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Every Goodwill organization is different. Solutions DGR is designed to serve and meet the specific needs of your organization.

Our mission is to assist you in accomplishing your mission to the fullest.