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Good Donations™

DGR runs on donations. Collecting those donations and gathering donor information in a time of social distancing is tricky.

But what if there was a way to allow donors to drop off donations while still allowing the customer to share contact information? Good Donations™ by Solutions ITW is a donor-facing mobile app that allows donors to register with their local Goodwill, list items to be donated, validate the donation at an ADC/UDC, donate the items, and fill out a survey without ever coming into contact with a donation attendant. The history of the donation is kept on the app for tax purposes.

Donors donate. Goodwills receive donations and donor information. Social distancing is maintained.

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Using the Good Donations app is easy.


Download the App

The donor downloads the app from Google Play or App Store.

Create an Account

Once installed, the app will prompt the user to register their account. The donor can select their “home” Goodwill by entering their postal code.

Complete Profile Information

The app will then prompt the donor for profile information (Name, Address, Email, Phone, Gender, Birthdate).

Make a Donation

Once registration is complete, the donor can Create a Donation or View Donation History. Items are selected from a list of customizable categories.

Validate the Donation

When the donor presses Submit, they are prompted to scan a QR code that will be prominently posted at the ADC/UDC. The special code validates the donation and allows it to be recorded.

Complete Donor Survey

The app then prompts the donor with a survey question, “How did we do?” This completes the donation. This information is then transmitted to the Goodwill at the end of each night (real-time for Solutions ITW Donation Data Management clients).
We have made the decision to provide this app to all Goodwills for free until May 31, 2021.

Why? Simple. Solutions ITW has been providing DGR software exclusively to Goodwill for over 15 years. We live and breathe Goodwill and wanted to do something meaningful for you during this time. We were approached by a Goodwill with the idea to create this app, and we knew right away that there was nothing we could do that would have a greater impact than this. This is our way of saying thank you to all of our current partners and the many of you we have met through the years. It is also our way of saying, “We are in this together with you.”