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AI Data Analytics™

Solutions ITW strives to help Goodwills succeed by increasing net revenue to better support their missions.

Solutions AI Data Analytics™ accomplishes this by providing Goodwills with real-time reporting that provides the data needed to make agile decisions and the insight that may be missing to provide additional revenue.

What does your data tell you?

Does your system allow you to report on Revenue by Processor?

Does it show you which processors consistently produce items that sell?

Does it notify you when you have stale product on the floor?

Does your system track sales by brand?

Does it recommend pricing?

Does it forecast demand?

Does your system allow you to run a Donated Goods Retail operation rather than a “regular” retail operation?

Does your system do all this out of the box?

… Solutions AI Data Analytics™ does.

Does your system pay you?

Does your system increase your net revenue? Is your system a capital expense or an investment?
Since our mission is to help Goodwills succeed by increasing net revenue, we consider an implementation successful when we see a dramatic increase in the Average Transaction for a Goodwill.

We accomplish this through a combination of tools to tighten controls on pricing and reporting to manage those tools. The results speak for themselves.

Read Southern NJ & Philadelphia's Case Study
Download the Expense vs. Revenue Chart

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Fast ROI

In the first 12 months of implementation, most of our Goodwill partners experience at least a $1 increase in average sales. This has resulted in increased revenue anywhere between $750k—$1.5M.
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Easy Training

Employees require less than a day to train, and the best part is that this is accomplished with little to no increase in labor.

Does your system prepare you for the future?

Does your system prepare you for tomorrow? How do you know whether your pricing is optimized for your market? At every location? All the time?

Imagine being able to receive notifications of pricing recommendations with forecasted revenue.

Imagine being able to make decisions instead of hunting down data.

Imagine being able to influence tomorrow instead of fighting to keep afloat today.

Solutions AI Data Analytics™ processes and analyzes your data all day, every day to find where pricing can be increased/decreased to maximize revenue.

Ready to get started?

Maximize revenue today.

Understand your market to maximize revenue tomorrow.

All this is made possible through the collection of the right data and the processing of that data with Solutions AI Data Analytics™.