Goodwill of South Texas

Goodwill South Texas increases monthly income by $50-$100K within four months using Solutions DGR


Goodwill Industries of South Texas, Inc. had 16 stores. 14 had POS systems. The others were still on cash registers.

The POS system they used was being sunset, and they needed to find a replacement before the vendor stopped supporting their system. They wanted better loss prevention and better reporting. Though they had barcoding, they had problems with printing and scanning labels.

They were planning a new store opening in June, and they wanted the new system up and running for that new store.


South Texas wanted everyone on the same system, and they wanted the system to work long after implementation. They wanted to eliminate their problems with printing and scanning labels. They wanted a central repository for their data with better reporting for all levels of leadership (from the local store manager up to the executives). And they didn’t want to spend a lot of money making this change.



After analyzing South Texas’ needs and where they wanted to be, Solutions ITW recommended implementing the full Solutions DGR suite. South Texas saw the need for full functionality (especially the centralized dashboard reporting) and wanted the implementation of the following modules at all locations:

employee using a point of sale system

Average Sale

before and after implementation

South Texas average sales graph


per sale across all stores


Solutions ITW hit the ground running.

During the demonstration session on March 1, we took copious notes and pictures. After the statement of work (SOW) was signed, we designed the systems for Goodwill Industries of South Texas in the cloud to meet all their requirements before we returned on site in May to implement Solutions DGR production into three stores (including the new store). These stores were “up to speed” with POS a month later on schedule.

I was really impressed with Solutions commitment during the entire process … Our initial implementation was during a grand opening of a new store, and Solutions was onsite during the entire opening weekend to make sure those unforeseen issues were addressed promptly and the system continued to work.

+ John W. Owen, President & CEO

Three concurrent store implementations was an accelerated implementation schedule to say the least. We arrived the night before to set up the hardware, and the stores were up and running the next morning after standard training. Obviously, Solutions DGR is easy to learn. All remaining stores were implemented by South Texas employees within three months! Features of Solutions DGR are being implemented and refined every month in coordination with Solutions ITW team members.

employee using a point of sale system

Average Sale

before and after implementation

South Texas average sales graph


per sale across all stores


  • #1On-Schedule Implementation

  • #2Employee Buy-In

    Employees have embraced the system with minimal ramp time.
  • #3Barcoding and Labeling Standardization

    Barcoding and label printing have been successfully standardized across all locations.
  • #4Improved Loss Prevention

    Loss prevention has been improved because scanning at the registers has locked down pricing and discounts.
  • #5Store POS Standardization

    All stores now run on the same system.
  • #6Centralized Dashboarding

    Centralized dashboard reporting is helping at all levels of management.
  • #7Fewer Support Calls

    With the new system in place, support calls are minimal.
  • #8Better Performance Tracking

    Reporting now allows tracking of sell-through performance for any time period by employee, store, and across-the-board.
  • #9Dramatic ROI

    Though Goodwill Industries of South Texas was simply looking for a replacement system, they did not budget on such a dramatic return on investment (ROI). Some stores witnessed an increase of nearly $1 on the average sale! After all the stores were implemented, the average sales across-the-board increased $0.53 over the first four months of full implementation. That translates to over $50,000 per month of increased revenue! In fact, when compared to sales over the 16 months prior to implementation, the average sale increased $1.00, which translates to over $100,000 per month of increased revenue for Goodwill Industries of South Texas! The data indicates that this revenue increase of $0.50-$1.00 per sale would not be there without Solutions DGR.
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