The data you need
Business Intelligence

Without the right data how can you make the proper decisions regarding product pricing, employee assignments, special sales, or other vitally important variables for your Goodwill?

If you have heard about Solutions DGR then you know that we specialize in providing detailed data so you can make the best possible financial decisions for your stores.

To make meaningful and impactful decisions you need data that is clear and concise. Solutions ITW strives to help Goodwills succeed by increasing net revenue to help better support their missions. Solutions Data Analytics accomplishes this by providing Goodwills with real-time reporting that provides the data needed to make agile decisions and the insight that may be missing.

Having all the data you need is only the first step. Knowing how to interpret all of that raw data is just as vitally important to your organization.

Having all this data is only the first step.

Raw data has to be interpreted. That’s where AI Data Analytics™ comes in.

We have specially developed this software to sort through all of the reporting data that is received through Solutions DGR and provide actionable insights into how to use that data to reduce your operating costs and increase your revenue.
With AI Data Analytics™ from Solutions ITW, you will be able to receive pricing recommendations with forecasted revenue, reduce the amount of time it takes to make important decisions, and proactively influence the future of your organization rather than react to the challenges of each day.