Solutions DGR 5.0

A Goodwill Point-of-Sale Solution

By Goodwill, for Goodwill.

We designed our Solutions DGR 5.0 system specifically for Goodwill stores with the mandate that we wanted to make every Goodwill organization more effective in carrying out their mission.

That’s why we say it’s “by Goodwill, for Goodwill.”

Solutions DGR 5.0

Benefits of Our Goodwill Store POS Software

Our Goodwill point-of-sale system can help your Goodwill make your processes more streamlined, transparent, and profitable.
Stress-free deployment

Stress-Free Deployment

Update all of your Goodwill store pos software locations with a centralized management system.
Experience the difference

Experience The Difference

Improved operational stability, self-maintenance and disaster recovery.
built for your needs

Built for Your Needs

You’ll have access to features like automatic, color-of-the-week discounting, integrated gift card management, round up, employee sell-through, simplified drawer management, offline credit card processing, and more!
expanded reporting

Expanded Reporting

Dozens of native reports built into our Business Intelligence platform, as well as the ability to build in-depth custom reports.

How is Solutions DGR 5.0 different from other donated goods retail (DGR) POS software?

Solutions ITW understands that each Goodwill store operates in its own unique way, and that’s why we offer a customizable design for their POS solution. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach, Solutions ITW works closely with each Goodwill partner to design a POS system that caters to their specific needs. This ensures that every Goodwill store has a POS solution that meets their unique requirements.

In terms of price, Solutions ITW wants to assist every organization, no matter how big or small. We have flexible payment terms to ensure that investing in their product won’t be a regret for any Goodwill store. We believe in offering our product to every Goodwill organization, irrespective of their budget.

Implementation of Solutions ITW’s POS system is quick and easy, thanks to its touch-screen design and user-friendly interface. Goodwill employees can be up and running with Solutions DGR 5.0 after just a few hours of training.

If any assistance is required, Solutions ITW’s 24/7 support team is always available to help. As Solutions ITW works exclusively with Goodwill partners, we know each organization inside and out, and we’re committed to providing the best possible support.

They really want us to grow our businesses and have a greater impact in the community by increasing our retail sales or making them more efficient. It’s just great to have that relationship.

+ James McVaugh, South Mississippi

We have seen an increase in average transaction in every store after implementing the POS.

+ Tim Sammons, VP of Retail/Warehouse Operations

Solutions DGR is not just a POS system for thrift stores, Solutions DGR is a POS for Goodwill, by Goodwill.

Join the 31 Goodwill organizations that have partnered with us over the past decade and experienced the benefits of a fully customized Goodwill POS system.


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