By Goodwill, for Goodwill.

We designed our Solutions DGR system specifically for Goodwill stores with the mandate that we wanted to make every Goodwill organization more effective in carrying out their mission.

That’s why we say it’s “by Goodwill, for Goodwill.”

Transform every interaction

The power of our Donated Goods Retail (DGR) management system is to transform every experience and interaction — from donation to final purchase — to be more streamlined, transparent, and profitable. Solutions DGR provides you with the tools your organization needs to be the most effective version of itself.

Our system supports your work in the community in four distinct ways.

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Customizable Design

We don’t configure a standard POS package for donated goods retail. Instead, we find out how each of our Goodwill partners likes to do business, and then we work with them to design a unique implementation system. Our product can be customized to meet the specific and unique needs of any Goodwill organization in the world.
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We want to be able to help every organization — no matter how big or small. We’ve creatively arranged flexible payment terms so that no Goodwill will regret investing in our product.
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Goodwill employees can get up and running with our DGR after only a few hours of training. That’s probably because our system features touch-screen design and a user-friendly interface. No long hours studying tedious technology. Learn it fast and put it to use!
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When you call our 24/7 support number, our team knows your location and its members by name. And unlike other POS vendors, we don’t have to rethink retail when a Goodwill calls us. Because we work exclusively with Goodwill partners. We’ve been partnering with Goodwills for nearly 20 years, and we still have customers from 18 years ago!

Our Product

From donations to reporting, you can track profitability and make real-time operational adjustments with our system. Our product includes four key components:

Point of Sale

Goodwill-ready right out of the box with support for color rotations, discount management, Round Up, and more. Plus, detailed reporting and a proven track-record of loss prevention.

Learn More About Point of Sale


Price donations faster and more accurately, and lock down pricing at the register. Barcoding also allows you to track actual revenue for every processor in every store.

Learn More About Production

Data Reporting & Analytics

Real-time access to all your data in one place. With the Solutions Dashboard you can generate custom reports on the fly and gain invaluable insight into your retail operations.

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Donation Data Management

Allow donors to manage their own donations electronically while you gain the ability to trace the value of those donors over time.

Learn More About the Donation Kiosk

Ready to get started?

Every Goodwill organization is different. Solutions DGR is designed to serve and meet the specific needs of your organization.

Our mission is to assist you in accomplishing your mission to the fullest.