Goodwill Industries of Manasota

Solutions ITW Completes Expedited Implementation of Solutions DGR POS for Goodwill Manasota


Goodwill Industries of Manasota needed to make a decision. While the subscription cost of their current point of sale system was lower than the cost to implement a brand new POS system, they knew that over the long term, remaining with their current point of sale system provider would cost them a lot of money in lost efficiency and sales.

Another consideration that was a high priority to Goodwill Manasota was the speed of implementing a new system. If they were to choose a new POS provider, they would likely experience a lot of downtime, which leads to lost revenue and other problems.



Solutions ITW proposed an implementation of their Donated Goods Retail (DGR) POS system.

This system would be designed to work seamlessly with current processes at Goodwill Manasota to increase the efficiency of all employees. In addition, the DGR POS software would allow the collection and interpretation of valuable data in order to advise on future decisions that impact revenue.

Solutions DGR POS simplifies processes such as price or quantity changes and scanning barcodes or selecting SKUs by category. The software is designed to maximize revenue per sale and streamline the checkout process.

After demoing the software and receiving our proposal, Goodwill Manasota asked us if we would accelerate the implementation process in order to realize a quicker ROI and get the system running as quickly as possible.


Our typical implementation process is 8 weeks. However, we worked with Goodwill Manasota to implement Solutions DGR POS in 2 of their 18 stores in just 4 weeks.


The entire process went very smoothly, and we have proceeded with an aggressive rollout schedule for the remaining 16 locations.

We look forward to seeing the great benefits that Solutions DGR POS will have for Goodwill Manasota and expect to see drastic increases in their revenue per sale across all stores, as well as more efficient processes for all employees in Manasota.

As a leader at Goodwill Manasota, and throughout my career, I have never experienced a rollout of a new system that went as smoothly and efficiently as the Solutions POS system for our stores. Change is usually not accepted so easily but the new Solutions program was accepted with open arms and much enthusiasm as it enables us to do our jobs better. We wish to thank the team at Solutions for their diligence in creating a POS package that mirrors our process and is simple and understandable. The transition utilizing the Solutions system was the smoothest and most organized I have ever seen in any organizational change. Great job team Solutions in creating a system that will take Goodwill Manasota to the next level.

Dawn Tate, Goodwill Manasota Operations Training Center Manager

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