Setting up Jobs for Preference/Settings updates in TBLlocalsessions.

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  1. Sign into the (SITE) Web-Collect server using the RDP link or kasaya.
  2. Open SSMS and connect to the store server that you need to update.
  3. Right click on SQL Server Agent >NEW>Job
  4. Under General tab: Create name.
  5. Under STEPS, select New and create Step name
  6. Run as: POS
  7. Paste command script:UPDATE tblPreferences SET PrefValue = ‘1’ WHERE PrefName = ‘LocalSettingsFromSession’

    UPDATE tblLocalSession
    HasReceiptPrinterYn = ‘0’, HasLabelPrinterYn = ‘0’, HasTagPrinterYn = ‘0’, HasFormPrinterYn = ‘0’
    StoreId = ‘5268’

  8. ADVANCE Tab select “Quit the job reporting success
  9. SCHEDULES Tab select new and name
  10. Adjust Schedule type to “One Time”
  11. Set the date and time.
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