How to Create Category and/or Subcategory

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Start by filtering by store

Notice on the left side the tree like format indicating the storeid then the current categories are listed beneath.

Select the storeid at the top of the tree then on the right New Cat button is now illuminated select that

fill in information for the following:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Department
  • Store
  • Sec Level (This is used to lock the system down to were a cashier will need to get a manager override each time they manually enter in the items if the barcode doesn’t scan)
  • Boxes to Select
    • Taxable
    • Donation Category -if it needs to show on the donation screen
    • Show in POS -if that category needs to be visible for the cashiers
    • Production Category -if that category needs to be visible for the person producing barcodes
    • Salvage Category- if salvage that category is being tracked in salvage

Save and Close once done entering and selecting all important sections

If you need to Create Subcategory

You must select the category it should fall under in the tree like format on the left

Select New Sub button then repeat the above section to fill in all important information about that subcategory

If that category needs to be copied out to all store use the Copy To button


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